Somaliland former minister Mohamoud Hashi Abdi premature announcement to lead the ruling party (Kulmiye) after Somaliland president Muse Bihi Abdi is political greediness and selfishness..
December 9, 2019 - Written by Yool News

In his press release, Mohamud Hashi has ruled out anyone to lead the ruling party (Kulmiye) with the exception of him.  The rights of Somaliland president Muse Bihi Abdi who is also the current chairman of the ruling party and Mohamed Kahin the home minister has no meaning in the thoughts of Mohamed which mean Mohamoud  Hashi sees blind eye for the rights of others.  We call this type of selfish ambition a political greediness in other words bottomless drum. A Sea or ocean is too little for greedy and selfish people. Greed is the inventor of injustice as well as the current enforcer, Julian Casablancas.  According to vast majority of Somaliland people, Mohamoud Hashi Abdi is the last to be elected to lead the ruling party after the president reason being, he is the last one to trust as trust is like a mirror that cannot be repaired once broken.
Mohamoud Hashi has lost the trust of Somaliland people taken into account, his past his history in Somaliland when he was one cabinet ministers in former Somaliland government.  He did have even fraction percent of good quality to lead the ruling party in future. In it worth to underline in the first place comparing Mohamed Kahin who has a great history of our past with Mohamed Hashi is the worst mistake committed against history as comparing Mohamed Kahin with Mohamoud Hashi is like comparing gold in contrast with silver which mean wrong comparison in other words two things that did have equal dimensions.  According to commonsense, we cannot compare two different ingredients or two thing that made on two different chemical agents.    
Mohamed Kahin is the fourth Somaliland who defected the former dictatorship regime and joined the liberation struggle. His is one great heroes of the liberation struggle above his great personality and good manner whereas Mohamoud Hashi has records according the fast of Somaliland people.  The only supporters Mohamoud Hashi has is those that supports on tribal grounds  and not true Somaliland citizen and this is why I said, Mohamed Hashi is the one to trust in Somaliland.
According to what I heard from vast majority, Mohamed Kahin is a person who did gained any wealth or even residential property  since Somaliland reclaimed its independence in 18 of May, 2019.   It is confirmed, Mohamed Kahin lives a rented house which is an indication of cleanness and honesty. Literally, greediness and selfishness which are two descriptions known for Mohamoud Hashi have close definitions. Selfishness is the greatest curse of the human race, William E. Gladstone. Selfishness is not lack of wealth but poverty from the heart.  Selfishness creates greed and greed destroys the soul, Zarina Bibi.  The rights of others have no meaning for the selfish people reason being, they pay attention for their personal interest firs and last.
 This why Mahmoud Hashi has declared this premature announcement to lead the ruling party ( Kulmiye). Selfish people are incapable to see the rights of others, this is why Mohamoud Hashi has ruled out anyone to leading even the president Muse Bihi who is also the current chairman of the ruling party. In fact his press statement is what influenced me to write this article and nothing else. In reality, I recognize Mohamoud Hasi as master myself.   In conclusion, electing Mohamoud Hashi as the chairman of the ruling party (Kulmiye) is political suicide and threat to Somaliland in general. No doubt, over 95 % of Somaliland people share with me similar idea about Mohamoud Hashi.
Ismail Lugweyne 

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